Harvard Club of Boston Class of 2024 Membership

You’ve done the hard part – you’ve earned your degree from Harvard.  And now take the next step by joining the Harvard Club of Boston community. Join the world’s greatest network as you embark upon the next chapter. It is our pleasure to provide you with the graduation gift of a complimentary membership.

Ready to apply? Click here for important information regarding application.

  • Do I automatically receive a membership to the Harvard Club of Boston upon graduating? You are eligible for a complimentary membership, it is not automatic. We require an application to be completed. Please remember to list your Class of 2024 degree year on the application. 
  • Once I submit my application, how long will I need to wait to use my membership?
    We experience an extremely high volume of applications for the complimentary membership. Wait time for a membership number and access to club benefits is approximately 3-4 weeks from the time of submission. Member numbers and login credentials are sent to you via email when ready for use.


  • What do I have access to with the complimentary membership?
    We want the Class of 2024 to experience all that our community has to offer, which is why you have access to all amenities and services. We even include complimentary membership to our fitness center and squash courts. Squash lessons are available for an additional fee. View full list of club benefits below.
  • Are there any fees associated with the complimentary membership?
    There are no membership fees between now and August 31, 2025. Should you choose to continue on with club membership beyond August 31, 2025, monthly membership fees would apply. The initial fee is waived (savings up to $3,616) even if you choose to continue your membership beyond the complimentary timeframe. 
  • Are all of the club benefits and events free?
    No. While the signature speakers, faculty lectures and author events are often complimentary, any dining, overnight rooms, social events with a food and beverage component, squash lesson charges, parking fees, and tickets to events outside the clubhouse that you may incur while enjoying your membership are required to be paid. 
  • Is the membership just for me?
    You may include a spouse / partner on the membership. They will enjoy equal membership privileges.
  • Why is the application asking me to provide a credit card?
    We require a credit card submission to complete our application. You are not paying an initial fee as a member of the Class of 2024 and the card will not be charged for any membership fees. Please make sure you include your Class of 2024 graduation information so that we know to mark the membership as complimentary. (please note that although our online application states that you will be charged an initiation fee, you will not.)
  • Once I'm a member, can I pay for club events, food, etc., with a credit card?
    We are a member charge only club. Once you become a member, you will update your member account with the credit card of your choice. All charges will be billed to your member number and this credit card.
  • Does this membership provide me with access to the Harvard Club of New York?
    No. HCB and HCNY are separate entities. HCNY does provide a similar program for graduates and you could certainly join both, but they are not interchangeable. We do have a reciprocal network of more than 180 private membership clubs around the globe available to you. 

Reservations open for club members on Monday, April 22 at noon.

  • Does submitting my application also register me for the Commencement Dinner? No. You need to apply for membership, be approved, and have received your member number before reserving for the commencement dinner. Please keep in mind that there is a 3-4 week waiting period from application submission to active membership. Only active members who have applied, been approved, and issued a membership number are able to make reservations. Thank you for understanding. 
  • How do I sign-up for the commencement dinner once I have an active membership? Members reserve all events and activities through the HCB member website or app. Please go to the member calendar and complete your reservation.
  • What are the seating times? 5:30pm and 7:30pm 
  • How large of a reservation can I make? Maximum party size is 12. 

Ready to apply? Please read before completing the application. 

We have received feedback regarding specific questions on the application. If you have questions, please refer back to this for guidance. 

  • Are you a Harvard University Graduate? Please select yes. 
  • Include Class of 2024 as your graduation year 
  • If you are a Harvard graduate student, we still need your undergraduate education history (even if it isn't Harvard). 
  • Preferred Membership Plan: select individual or individual with spouse (you can include your spouse or partner on the membership). All Class of 2024 members have access to athletics. 
  • Harvard House Affiliation: If you are not a graduate of Harvard College, this question is not for you. Please put none or not applicable. 
  • What is your position? This is a faculty question. If you are not faculty, please put not applicable. 
  • Year of appointment: this is also a faculty question. Please put 0 if you are not faculty. 
  • Submitting payment information: we require a credit card to be submitted with the application. It will not be charged for an initial fee. 

Additional questions regarding the Class of 2024 membership? Please contact us

We are currently experiencing a very high volume of requests to complete the online application. If the application is timing out, please complete this interactive PDF version of the application and send it here


The Harvard Network: Harvard Club of Boston is the center of the greater Harvard community in the Boston area and beyond. Our members live around the globe, working in various professional fields - the one thing that we all have in common is our Harvard connection. 

Learn and Connect: More than 20 member events per month ranging from signature speakers and faculty discussions to wine dinners and excursions. 

Work and Meet: Our member lounge, co-working, and meeting spaces provide ample opportunities for you to study and work. With phone booths for important calls, complimentary refreshments, and a hybrid meeting conference room, our new Member Commons is the perfect place to work and meet.

Dine and Enjoy: Veritas Restaurant and Lounge delivers delicious New England classics and contemporary cuisine for your next breakfast meeting, power lunch, or family dinner. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

Cheer on the Crimson: Watch Crimson sports, participate in trivia night, join us for Friday activity night and enjoy complimentary appetizers and a full member bar in the Club's Pub. 

Travel and Visit: A network of more than 180 private clubs around the globe is available for you to access, many with overnight accommodations.

Host and Stay: Our historic Clubhouse has 25 overnight rooms available for you or your guests to stay in the heart of Boston's Back Bay. Room rates vary between $250 - $450 per night, making the Inn one of the most desirable places to stay in the city. 

Preferred Rates: HCB members enjoy exclusive rates and packages at Canyon Ranch, Equinox, Arthur Murray Dance Centers, Trademark Campus tours of MIT and Harvard, Down Under School of Yoga, and more! 

Special Moments: Our private event spaces can accommodate two to 400 people. From workshops to galas, our members trust us with their most important events.

Health and Wellness: Take a lesson with our Squash Professional and Former U.S.O.C Coach Sharon Bradey, get in a workout at the fitness center or enjoy one of our virtual wellness classes. 

Questions regarding club benefits? Please contact us

About The Club

Harvard Club of Boston is a community of alumni, students, faculty and friends from across the globe, spanning generations. We are the social, intellectual, and athletic hub of Harvard alumni and affiliates in the Greater Boston Area and beyond.